Frequently Asked Questions



FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is a study-tested “fertility pill” to increase female fertility. Taking this supplement can contribute to a regular menstrual cycle with ovulation while optimally preparing a woman’s body for the upcoming pregnancy.

Who is suitable to consume FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is suitable to be consumed by all women who want to have children – with or without PCO syndrome. Especially after the age of 30, the intake of pure folic acid is often no longer sufficient to cover the increased nutrient requirements for fertility.

What are the ingredients inside FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3?

The specific and study-tested composition of FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 specifically covers the increased micronutrient requirements of women who want to have children. You can find more information about the ingredients in our web shop:

Can FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 be taken as part of IVF treatment?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 should be taken in preparation for or during IVF treatment to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

How does FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 work?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is believed to protect the ovaries from oxidative stress. The resulting positive effect on female fertility has been shown in the results of several clinical studies.

Are there studies on the effectiveness of FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is believed to protect the ovaries from oxidative stress. The resulting positive effect on female fertility has been shown in the results of several clinical studies. The effectiveness of the FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 formulation has been confirmed in several clinical studies. A supportive effect on cycle regularity, ovulation as well as the thickness of the uterine lining (endometrium) could be shown. In addition, an improvement in AMH levels was demonstrated. FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 can therefore increase the probability of successful conception.

How do I notice the effect of FORTELLE™+OMEGA-3?

You can monitor your cycle yourself relatively easily with the help of a cycle calendar and determine whether it is regular. FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 can help women with an irregular cycle to have a more regular cycle. This supportive effect has also been proven in a clinical study. In addition, an appointment with your gynaecologist allows you to assess the thickness of the endometrium (= thickness of the lining of the uterus) by ultrasound. Clinical data on FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 show that regular use can improve endometrial thickness. This is an important prerequisite for later, successful implantation of the fertilised egg.

How is FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 taken?

It is recommended to take FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 from the time you wish to have a child until the pregnancy is confirmed. One tablet should be taken daily together with one soft capsule with some liquid with or after a meal.

Do I have to take the tablet and soft capsule simultaneously?

The tablet should ideally always be taken together with the soft capsule. The intended daily dose should be adhered to.

Should I continue to take FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 if I am already pregnant?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 supports female fertility but is not a pregnancy vitamin. It should therefore only be taken until pregnancy has been confirmed. During pregnancy, a woman’s nutritional needs change and for this reason, other preparations should be used. However, this also means that there is nothing to be said against using up the remaining pack as soon as the pregnancy is known (or suspected). Since FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is a “fertility pill”, you should subsequently switch to a pregnancy vitamin. This means changing to a product that optimally covers the specific nutrient requirements during pregnancy. Please consult your trusted doctor about this.

How long should FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 be taken?

This is very individual from woman to woman and depends on the initial situation (e.g. combined intake with hormones in the context of IVF treatment). In the clinical studies, a significant improvement of typical fertility parameters was observed after 3 months in the case of taking FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 alone. In principle, FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 can and should be taken until the pregnancy is confirmed.

What should I do if I forget to take FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3?

If you forget to take FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3, please make up for it by the next possible time. However, do not take twice the amount of FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 if you have forgotten to take it before. The daily dosage of one tablet and one soft capsule should not be exceeded.

What happens if I forget to take FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 for a few days?

Continue to take FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 as usual. If you stop taking FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 for a long time, the effect may be reduced.

Are there any known side effects when taking FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3?

No side effects were observed in the clinical studies on FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3. In addition, FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is well tolerated.

What exactly is the composition of the omega-3 fatty acids in FORTELLE™+OMEGA-3?

One yellow soft capsule contains 500 mg of highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids. Due to the high quality of the raw materials, the EPA & DHA content is over 80%.

Has the used fish oil been cleaned from pollutants, PCBs, and heavy metals and is therefore guaranteed to be free of these substances?

The raw materials of FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 (and thus also the fish oil capsule) are tested in every batch on: • Heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium) as well as on • Pesticides and environmental toxins (PCBs, DDT, DDD, DDE, HCB, Benzoapyrene, PAH4, PCDDs and PCDFs) and the values obtained must be below the limit values, which are considered as “safe” by the authorities.

What gelatine is the FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 soft capsule made of?

It is made out of bovine gelatine.

Is FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 suitable for vegans?

The FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 soft capsule is made of bovine gelatine and contains fish oil. It is therefore not suitable for vegans.

From which fish is the contained fish oil obtained?

The fish oil contained in FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is obtained from anchovies, sardines, and mackerel.

Is FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 gluten-free?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is gluten-free because it contains less than 20 mg/kg of gluten. It can therefore also be taken in cases of coeliac disease.

Is FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 halal?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is a halal-certified product.

Is FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 suitable for allergy sufferers?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 contains fish oil.

Is FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 lactose-free?

Yes, FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is lactose-free.

Does FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 contain hormones?

No. FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is a hormone-free product.

Is FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 available only on prescription?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is a dietary food for special medical purposes and therefore does not require a prescription. However, it should be taken under medical supervision. Before taking FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 for the first time and in case of changes in intake, it is necessary to consult your doctor.

Where can I buy FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3?

You can buy FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 online in our official webshop at or in all pharmacies in Malaysia.

In which package sizes is FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 available?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is available as a monthly pack and as a 3-month pack.

How should FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 be stored?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 should be stored dry, protected from light, and not above room temperature (25 °C).

Can I take FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 together with other medicines?

So far, no interactions are known when taking FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 with other medicines. In any case, however, the doctor in charge should be consulted.

Can I take additional supplements to support female fertility or is FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 alone sufficient?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 was specially developed to support female fertility and is confirmed in clinical studies. Taking additional food supplements to improve the chances of a successful pregnancy is therefore not necessary.

I do not suffer from PCOS. Can I still take FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 to improve my chances of getting pregnant?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 was specially developed to optimally prepare the female body for pregnancy. The composition, which has been tested in studies, supports female fertility. FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is therefore ideal for all women who want to have children – with or without PCOS.

Is taking FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 dependent on my menstrual cycle?

No, taking FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 is not dependent on your menstrual cycle. It is recommended to continue taking it daily (without interruption) until pregnancy occurs.

Does FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 help to improve egg cell quality?

FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 supports female fertility, which includes the development of egg cells.

Can I take FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis?

Several studies have shown that taking FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 can regulate the hormone balance and increase the chance of pregnancy. In principle, there is therefore no contraindication, as no iodine is supplemented in the composition of FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3. FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 can thus be taken as a supportive measure in cases of fertility and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. We would like to point out here that, among other things, a sufficient supply of selenium is important. The composition of FORTELLE™+ OMEGA-3 also contributes to this. In any case, consultation with your doctor is recommended.

Is there a comparable product for men?

Yes, the patented and study-tested product PROFORTIL® is used to increase male fertility. It helps to optimise sperm quality in men who wish to have children and have limited fertility. Here you can find more information about PROFORTIL®.