family planning

FORTELLETM+ OMEGA-3 helps women on the path to having a planned child. Hormone-free.

Back-to-nature is an important topic for many women and couples when it comes to (firstly) preventing pregnancy or otherwise supporting family planning in a natural way. A hormone-free, study-proven “fertility pill” is available with FORTELLETM+ OMEGA-3.

NFP method of fertile days – completely natural family planning:

The natural family planning method, NFP for short, is considered to be harmless to health in terms of pregnancy planning. Furthermore, NFP can also be integrated in everyday life and love life if women identify the natural signals from their body, deal with these signals and also combine this with personal acceptance. NFP is also a learning process with regard to individual signals which many people may not know much about and thus many people may not be able to interpret. However, this is important in order to be able to use NFP.

The continuous documentation of cervical mucous, body temperature, etc. is essential for the precise determination of the time of ovulation. Temperature increases, changes in the cervical mucous and the cervix are relevant for the assessment. The measurement of body temperature and the monitoring of cervical mucous is called the “symptothermal” method in NFP. The fertile days can also be indicated by mood swings, intermenstrual pain in the abdomen, ovulation, higher breast sensitivity and a higher sex drive.

In connection with the desire for fertilisation and consequently a joyfully awaited pregnancy, reference can be made to FORTELLETM+ OMEGA-3 with its study-proven micronutrient formulation.

FORTELLETM+ OMEGA-3 – the study-proven micronutrient formulation

Pregnant or not pregnant?

With NFP, an initial assessment can also be made in terms of “Yes” or “No” for a pregnancy. If the basal body temperature is increased for 18 days or longer, fertilisation has probably occurred.

The following should be mentioned with regard to temperature:

The body temperature prior to ovulation is between around 36.5 and 36.8 degrees Celsius.

If ovulation occurs, the body temperature rises to between 37 and 37.3 degrees Celsius.

This temperature increase takes place within 48 hours or less.

The following aspects are also important:

The temperatures on three consecutive days should be at least 0.2 degrees Celsius higher than on the preceding six days. The temperature drops again just before the next menstrual period.

The egg cell will only be released from the ovary once per cycle and remain viable for a maximum of one day. However, the sperm cells can survive in the woman’s body for several days around the time of ovulation. The body temperature and cervical mucous change significantly in this period.

If these aspects are considered, the fertile days for a desired pregnancy can be taken into account in a targeted manner.

It is also important that the basal body temperature is always measured at the same time. The time before getting up in the morning is certainly the most effective time. Sufficient sleep according to one’s own sleep requirements is an important factor for fertility. The basal body temperature should always be measured in the same place. So always orally or always rectally for at least two minutes or always vaginally for at least five minutes.

According to NFP, the birth date is calculated as follows:

The first day of increased basal body temperature serves as the basis.

Three months and seven days are then deducted from this date and one year is added.

Natural conception with the NFP method:

With this method, the symptoms changing in the current cycle are monitored. So they are no longer dependent on a regular cycle as with the old calendar method. The window for possible conception can be detected and evaluated using observations of cervical mucous and measuring the body temperature as well as some basic rules.

The advantages of contraception with NFP for the practicing women include increased body awareness as well as an individual experience of the cycle. On the other hand, this also includes the possibility of a seamless transition into the childbearing phase with the identification of the optimal period for the probability of a desired conception.

With the NFP method, it should be noted that regular alcohol consumption, stress, diseases and an irregular pace of life influence the cycle and thus ultimately make natural family planning more uncertain.

Finally, reference is once again made to the study-proven micronutrient formulation of FORTELLETM+ OMEGA-3 which can support fertilisation and thus the fulfilment of the desire to have children in a natural way.